About Casafras Photography

The name Casafras is a childhood nickname given to me by my Mom. When I decided to “take the plunge” to start doing underwater photography, I wanted to give it a name that meant something to me. I have always loved the ocean; being in, under, or on top of the water, is where I love to be.

I have always been excited about sharing my love of the ocean through photography.  I’ve always lived near the ocean and have been living and playing on Maui for over 30 years. I first came to Hawaii when I was 12 and lived with my hanai (adopted) family on Oahu. I returned year after year and so enjoyed those summers in Waipahu. I was just a small kid, catching the bus to Haliewa and Waimea Bay. One of my favorite memories was jumping off of the rocks there and eating fried noodles and shave ice.
After finishing high school in California, Hawaii was calling me back, so I moved to Maui and have called it home ever since. After leaving the hustle and bustle of the Mainland, I never looked back.

The ocean is my happy place. I feel blessed to be able to capture the underwater world through my photography, I am in my element. I’ve been photographing weddings and events since 2001, but when I severed the ACL, in the surf, and couldn’t walk I found myself in the water more. The water was therapeutic. What better way to “marry” my two loves – water and photography – than by jumping in and playing with my camera?   I ordered a camera housing, put on a knee brace and in the water I went!

Let’s go play!