My day started early. Up at 3:30 at the boat by 4:30 and Kahului harbor by 5 to launch the boat. The energy at the harbor that morning was awesome. The boats, jet skis, surfers, supporters, doctors, organizers, friends and fans… Everyone pulling together getting out in the water. The waves were big and powerful. I have so much respect for the ocean and the individuals that surf this wave as well as for the rescue crew. I took a different approach this year when out there with my camera. I was on the rescue boat/medic boat with the doctors and team there to assist the surfers with injuries. Talented people to say the least. I spent the day looking around at all the people out there. The lifeguards on duty, the surfers, the fans, film crew, everyone. I hope you enjoy photos and that you get a feeling of what it was like on the water that day!

~ Congratulations to Billy Kemper and Paige Alms ~


I had the pleasure of photographing this Mother and Daughter MERMAID session this past weekend.  They both love the ocean and it shows.  We started on land with fun photos where they played with shells and each other.  After taking the Mermaid Class they took to the sea.  These two took to mermaid swimming naturally.  Dad and little brother showed up and couldn’t help but join in.  I added some behind the scenes photos at the end of the blog.  Enjoy!

Macro Photography / Droplets in Nature

You ever have one of those days where you just want to get lost.  Well, this was a rainy day in Maui and I wanted to get outside.  I gathered up my camera and my macro lens and went out looking for water drops.  Yep, I got lost in it.  I have so many shots I love.  I’ve decided to split them up in color.  So today it is Green.  Anything and everything to do with water feeds my soul!  Enjoy!

Under the Sea / Ocean Life on Maui

A wonderful day to dive at Honolua Bay.  I love catching this bay when it is calm.  There’s fish and turtles everywhere .   It’s a marine preserve so the fish are pretty tame. You can’t catch them to eat but for photography it is perfect.  The fish aren’t afraid of  you.  If you get a chance to snorkel or dive at this spot while on Maui do so, but only when it’s calm.   Honolua Bay is one of my favorite surf spots.  It usually breaks in the winter. The waves here are some of the best on Maui. Honolua Bay is where one of many WSL surf contest are held.  The best most accomplished female surfers gather here on Maui for the

Trash the Dress / Maui Style

It was great to photograph Brittani & Nate’s wedding and then get to play with them in the ocean the next day!  They choose to have a small intimate wedding here on Maui that was coordinated by A Dream Wedding Maui Style.  Once she got her dress wet on her wedding day I knew I could get her and him in the ocean.  If you don’t ask you don’t get!  So, I asked them if they wanted to do a Trash the Dress session.  I like to call them The Day After.  They jumped at the idea.  As you can see from the photos below they had fun with it and so did I.

In the Pool / Kids Underwater

This is Kamakani, he is 3 years old.  He loves the water and his goggles.  A safe place to learn to swim is in a pool with supervision.  This little one couldn’t keep himself out of the water.  Even when in the water he wanted to be underwater.  I was loving his puffy cheeks!  Maybe someday he will be in the Olympics and I got to capture him.  You never know!  Go Kamakani go…

In the Pool / Westin Maui

Underwater photos don’t have to be in the ocean.  The pools work too!  This was a shoot shot at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa. This bride worked her dress in the cave area of the pool.  I have an exclusive with the resort for underwater photo work. Couples get married on property and then get an hour of pool time. The pool is closed to everyone else at this time.  This Bride chose to do this adventure on her own.  This shoot is available for The Day After/Trash the Dress and family photos too!

Underwater Photography / Mermaids on Maui

I have a great story about this Mermaid!  We met in the Kahului airport.  She was carrying a tail and I asked if she was a Mermaid.  YEP, she was and is!  She has a school here on Maui called Light of Lemuria Retreats and also works on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I thought I was a fish until I met her.  I’ve been on top of the water most of my life.  Breaking my leg got me underwater more, best therapy ever!  Getting to know her and photograph her underwater has been amazing. I have also learned a lot from her.  I’ve learned to dive deeper and stay under longer.  We are both lifeguard certified and love the ocean.  Sharing water time with her is enjoyable.  I get to capture images of her underwater while working on finding the right light down there.  I’m am now offering photo packages that include a class with her that combine our two talents.

Underwater Photography / Mermaids on Maui

I mentioned previously about photo packages and classes. Well this was a shoot just like that. This lovely Mermaid came from Canada. After a safety lesson and a tail lesson she took to the sea like a pro. I love this tail. Pink and Purple show up so good underwater. I am looking forward to seeing what photo she puts on her wall.